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This video clips have been specially created to support the JISC-funded ScaLe Project at the Glamorgan Clinical Simulation Centre. The clips are NOT intended to replicate clinical practice as they contain deliberate errors: these errors have been included to engage students in discussion and critical reflection.

Video One: Mr John Bevan (75 years old) admitted with shortness of breath. Diagnosis: Respiratory failure secondary to pneumonia.

Video Two: Mr Williams (65) admitted with a history of heart failure. Now complaining of shortness of breath. Diagnosis: exacerbation of heart failure and developing pulmonary oedema.

Video Three: Mr J James (22) admitted with traumatic head injury. Diagnosis: coning, secondary to acute traumatic brain injury.

Video Four: Mr Smith (58) Admitted for bowel surgery. Is now in pain and going into hypovolaemic shock, secondary to blood loss following his surgery.

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